Terms of use

The general conditions of sale below apply, without restriction nor reserve, to the whole of the sales concluded on the site TattooDezigner.com.

Article 1 - Object

The present general conditions of sale apply as of right between : 

The online platform TattooDezigner.com, hereinafter referred to as "the seller";


The natural persons having the legal capacity to order one or several services, marketed on the website accessible from the following URL address: https://www.tattoodezigner.com, hereafter called "the customer".

The customer certifies that he/she accepts without reservation the entirety of the general conditions of sale described below.

Article 2 - The offer

The characteristics of the offer are described exclusively on the online platform TattooDezigner.com.

Before finalizing his order on the TattooDezigner online platform, the customer certifies to accept without reserve the entirety of the conditions of the offer described on the platform.

The delivery of the tattoo design is carried out exclusively by electronic way. The tattoo design is generated by a software, at the choice of the provider. The customer cannot ask for a physical delivery of his tattoo design.

Article 3 - Pricing

The prices of the services are displayed exclusively on the online platform TattooDezigner.com 

The price of each service includes all possible taxes such as VAT or sales tax.

The issue of the estimate is instantaneous. The request for quotation is carried out exclusively on the online platform TattooDezigner.com. The customer must select the tattoo design package that corresponds to him, and answer some additional questions.

Article 4 - Duration of validity of the estimate

The estimate is valid one month as from its date of emission.

The seller reserves the right to modify, without notice, the prices of his services at any time. The services are invoiced according to the prices in force at the time of the recording of the order.

The customer agrees to waive his or her right of withdrawal as of the completion of the order.

Article 5 - Order

Article 5 - 1 : Validation of the order

The order of a customer is valid when he pays the totality of the order, by using the solution of payment described in article 7 of the present general conditions of sale.

Article 5 - 2 : Information on the order and right of refund

Before finalizing his order, the customer commits himself to provide the maximum of information on the elements to be integrated in his tattoo design. If the elements of tattoo are not clear, the customer commits himself to provide to the salesman additional information to help the tattoo designer in the process of creation. In the event that the elements provided by the customer are not sufficient or without response from the customer, the seller reserves the right to refuse the order.

The seller also reserves the right to refuse an order.

In the event that a refund is issued, the Seller shall refund the Customer using the same method of payment as was used to place the order.

The customer agrees that the data of his order will be stored in the database for an indefinite period of time.

Article 5 - 3 : Communication on the order

The customer agrees to use the communication tools made available to him by the seller on the TattooDezigner.com platform in order to manage the possible revisions and returns of the seller.

Article 6 - Delivery of the order

Article 6 - 1 : Mode of delivery

The delivery is carried out exclusively by electronic way.

The communication between the seller and the customer is exclusively carried out by electronic way.

The customer understands and accepts to be delivered exclusively on his member space, in the heading: "Orders".

Article 6 - 2 : Delivery time

The delivery time is displayed on the seller's platform when the order is placed. The customer understands and accepts that this delivery time is purely indicative, and that this time may be influenced by factors beyond the goodwill of the seller, such as the responsiveness of the customer or the number of revisions ordered by the customer.

Article 7 - Terms of payment

In order to finalize his order, the customer must pay the entirety of his order through the secure payment solution in force on the platform at the time of registration of his order.

Article 8 - Modifications of the drawings

The customer may request as many modifications as he wishes on his project, but several conditions apply.

Thus, in order for the modification request to be considered, the modification request must respect all the following conditions:

The number of modifications included in the offer is specified in the offer specifications at the time of order registration.

Requests for additional revisions will be charged according to the prices in effect at the time the order is registered. The customer can order a refill on his member account.

The change request will be valid only within the maximum time limit of 6 months from the date of the first delivery.

The customer can request a modification on his project provided that the modification request is in accordance with the main idea. The request for modification must not concern the size, the style, the number of elements as well as the finish of the ordered tattoo design.

Article 9 - Applicable law in case of disputes

The present general conditions of sale are governed by the law applicable in the country of Georgia.

In the absence of an amicable settlement, any dispute concerning the interpretation or the execution of the sales contract between the seller and the customer is therefore exclusively subject to the territorially competent courts in Georgia in the city of Tbilisi.

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